Launching Automatic ID & Verification


We’re pleased to introduce Automatic ID & Verification, which is designed to speed up our mortgage application process and make things easier for you and your clients.

How it works

The new functionality will automatically attempt to verify your client’s identity when you submit a Full Mortgage Application (FMA) using a system called ‘CallML’. Which means you don’t have to log details of the ID you’ve seen as part of the initial submission process, which will reduce the time you spend submitting the case.

If the verification is successful, because we’ve already automatically identified your client’s ID, our Underwriters won’t have to check this which could reduce their processing time too.

In the small number of cases where it isn’t possible to immediately verify your client’s ID, we’ll try again using a different system called ‘Call Validate’, this process contacts your client directly in a further attempt to verify their ID.

If we’re still unable to capture the details required, then we’ll send you an email to let you know what additional information we need you to provide. The ‘outstanding items’ list in eMortgages will also be updated to show what’s required to progress the case.

Danny Belton, Head of Lender Relationships, Legal & General Mortgage Club added:

The events of this year have reinforced the need for technology in areas such as identification and verification. With restrictions and lockdowns impacting face to face interactions, the opportunity to see, copy and verify original documents is greatly reduced and sending these documents via the post or over email is not always secure. It is reassuring to see Skipton Building Society making a very positive change to their process. Not only will this increase operational efficiencies but will increase their ability to verify customers securely.

We’re working hard to make our mortgage application process as efficient as possible and the Automatic ID & Verification technology is just the latest in a number of digital enhancements we’ve made to help speed up the application journey for you and your clients.

For more information, contact your local BDM

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