If you have clients in a Help to Buy Equity loan scheme and they are considering refinancing at the end of their five year interest-free government equity loan period, we would like to help you to explore the options they have available.

We've created an industry-first Help to Buy Refinancing calculator, which assists in exploring different repayment options. The calculator is designed to help you:

  • understand how your client's equity loan may have changed in size since completion
  • compare the likely financial impact of repaying vs retaining the equity loan
  • project the future size of the equity loan if not repaid
  • compare monthly mortgage and equity interest payments in different repay/retain scenarios.

Help to Buy Refinancing guide

Help to Buy Refinancing calculator

The Help to Buy Refinancing calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as mortgage advice. The aim of the calculator is to help you give your clients the available options when they come to the end of their existing Help to Buy interest free period and making the decision to either keep or repay their government equity loan. The calculator does not provide a guide to staircasing.

Product Range

Once your client has made a decision about their refinancing, please take a look at our range of products.

Product Range