We've collated a list of our most frequently asked questions so if you have a query or a question you might be able to find the answer below.

Submitting Cases

What is the availability of the eMortgages system?

Our eMortgage system is available between 7am-10pm Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm Saturday and 10am-7pm Sunday. Availability may be interrupted from time to time for reasons outside of our control and therefore can’t be guaranteed.

Who do I refer to for help with the eMortgages system?

There is online help within eMortgages. If you are still unable to resolve a query, please contact our Broker Support team on 0345 601 6683. The team is available between the hours of 8.30am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am-5.30pm Friday.

How do I upload documents?
To upload documents on eMortgages select the case on the homepage you would like to upload the documents for. When on the Case Details screen, to the right of FMA is View Summary and Documents. Select that, scroll down and there is a section titled Documents. Under there you are able to select the type of document you are uploading and browse your computer to select the document you have already scanned on and saved locally on your computer. Once you have done that it can take a while to show as uploaded.
How do I know what documents I need to upload for my case?

Once you have submitted your application on eMortgages you will be shown a list of supporting documents required specifically for your case under the heading 'Outstanding Items'. Only the documents shown on this list should be uploaded. Please do this as soon as possible as this will enable your case to be underwritten. If your case is submitted correctly packaged it will mean that it can be fully underwritten within our service levels, providing a quick and efficient service for you and your client.

Can I get a Mortgage Illustration without being registered with Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries?

No, you will need to register.

How long is a Mortgage Illustration valid for?
The Mortgage Illustration is valid for the day of issue only.
How long is a Decision in Principle (DIP) for?
The DIP is valid for 30 days.
How do I amend details on a DIP I have already submitted?

If you have submitted a DIP and have realised you need to amend something that has been entered, there will be an option to Copy under DIP on the Case Details page. However, if you wish to change the name of an applicant you will need to call 0345 601 6683.

Can I use the Online Services for an Additional Borrowing product?

Yes, you can now submit an application for Additional Borrowing on eMortgages. For more information, please visit our Additional Borrowing page.

By submitting cases online does this mean the funds are booked?
Only cases that are received online, together with all supporting documentation will be deemed to have booked funds.

Tools and Criteria

Is there an affordability calculator I can use?

Yes, we have our Affordability Calculator you can use.

The calculator is suitable for residential applications only. If your client is looking for a Buy to Let mortgage, then you can use our Buy to Let calculator.

Where can I find information regarding product transfers?

You can find details on our Product Transfers page.

Where can I find detail about your latest criteria?

Our A-Z Lending Criteria Guide contains the most up to date details of all of our lending criteria.

Fees and Payments

What are your valuation and application fees?

You can find details on our Fees page.

What fee will I receive from a regulated mortgage sale?

You can find a summary on our Procuration Fees page.

If you are not aware of the gross procuration fee payable either contact your mortgage club/network or call Broker Support on 0345 601 6683.

How long after completion will the procuration fee be paid?
We aim to pay procuration fee payments to your network or mortgage club within 2 weeks of completion.
When will the first mortgage payment be due?

The first mortgage payment date occasionally causes confusion. The information below will help your client understand when the first payment will be taken.

Key points

  • Skipton monthly mortgage payments are due in advance, not in arrears
  • Funds for completion are sometimes released to the conveyancer a day before completion if the conveyancer requests it. We count the day the funds are released as completion for the purpose of charging interest (not the legal completion date of a purchase or a remortgage). The conveyancer should let your client know if they are requesting this
  • Your clients' first Direct Debit payment will be due on the first day of the month following release of funds and will be taken shortly afterwards
  • If release of funds takes place on the last day of the month, the first payment is due the following day
  • Payments by Direct Debit will be taken on the third working day after the payment due date, but the money needs to be available in the account on the due date.
Completion date (release of funds)   First payment due
1-31 January 1 February
1-29 February 1 March
1-31 March 1 April
1-30 April 1 May
1-31 May 1 June
1-30 June 1 July
1-31 July 1 August
1-31 August 1 September
1-30 September 1 October
1-31 October 1 November
1-30 November 1 December
1-31 December 1 January

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