Our cookie policy has information about the different types of cookies, what they do and how we use them at Skipton.

Cookies and "similar technologies"

A cookie is a small file that’s downloaded on to your computer, tablet or smartphone (device) when you visit a website.

The cookies we set are called ‘first party’ cookies, but we also use ‘third party’ cookies, which are set by a domain other than the one you are visiting. Cookies do lots of different things, like helping us to remember your preferences, showing us how our website is being used so we can make it better, and helping make sure our adverts are more relevant to you.

Our cookie policy also applies to similar technologies, which include things like scripts, tracking pixels and plugins that perform similar functions to cookies. So when we refer to ‘cookies’ in this policy, we’re referring to those ‘similar technologies’ too.

Deleting cookies

You can delete cookies, but how you do it is different from device to device. Check your browser settings to see how to delete them from yours. If you change your cookie preferences and no longer consent to some, this won’t delete those cookies from your device, but will mean they are inactive.

Essential cookies

These cookies make sure our website works properly. Some enable you to log on, some enable accessibility features and some manage your cookie preferences. They also let you move around our site and use its features.

We can’t turn them off, but you can block them in your browser settings, which will cause parts of our website not to work.

Cookies that measure

These cookies help us measure the number of visitors to our site and how they use it, so we learn what’s working and improve its performance. For example, they might show us if visitors are giving up at a certain step when completing a form. We use this information to let us try out new ideas to help us improve the experience for you.

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YouTube cookies

We use YouTube to store and show videos on our website, these cookies allow you to play these videos. These cookies are set by YouTube to keep track of user preferences for YouTube videos embedded in our site. It can also determine whether you have bandwidth to use the new or old version of the YouTube interface. Information collected by these cookies is also used by YouTube to show more relevant ads.

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Spotify cookies

We use Spotify to store and play podcasts on our website, these cookies allow you to stream these podcasts. These cookies are set by Spotify to keep track of user preferences for Spotify podcasts embedded in our site. Information collected by these cookies is also used by Spotify to show more relevant ads.

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Advertising cookies

Adverts are great when they’re about things you like, and these cookies help us personalise our ads to you. They can be set through our advertising partners, which means when you see our ads on other websites, they should be more relevant.

Information collected by these cookies, for example the pages you have viewed, is combined with other data, collected and held, by our advertising partners to serve ads that are relevant to you. They help us avoid ads you've already seen and only show ones you might like. If you reject these cookies, you might still see our ads but they won’t be tailored to you.

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Cookie settings

Manage your cookie preferences.

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