At Skipton our aim is to help more people own their own homes, that's why we accept Non-Occupying Borrower mortgage applications. This is available on either purchase or remortgage applications.

What is a Non-Occupying Borrower application?

It's a type of mortgage lending where all parties to the mortgage are proprietors of the property, but they don't all live there. If there are two borrowers in this scenario, both of them will be proprietors of the property. but only one will reside there.

Our key policy

  • We will accept up to four applicants and up to four incomes. Where there are more than two applicants, all non-occupying borrowers must reside in the same household
  • There are no restrictions around the relationship between the main borrower and the non-occupying borrower
  • This is available up to 95% Loan to Value (subject to usual criteria)
  • Available on any repayment method (subject to usual criteria)
  • The maximum term will be based on the oldest income providing applicant
  • Any product can be selected from our core range, including products with cashback included and products with free standard legal fees. Please note: the non-occupying borrower will be required to obtain Independent Legal Advice. There will also be additional conveyancing costs, which aren't included in the free standard conveyancing service
  • We won't charge for valuing the property for mortgage purposes where the property is valued at less than £1.5 million
  • 9+3 month offer validity period for New Build properties (6 months otherwise).

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