The Consumer Duty which came into effect on 31 July 2023 sets higher expectations for the standard of care that businesses must provide to consumers and is a significant shift in regulation. At Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries, we are here to support brokers in ensuring they continue to help all customers in achieving their financial objectives.

Fair value information sheets

In summary, we have assessed:

  • Our Mortgage product range continues to meet the needs, characteristics, and objectives of customers in the identified target markets.
  • The intended distribution strategy remains appropriate for the target markets.
  • Our Mortgage product range provides fair value to customers in the target markets (i.e. the total benefits are proportionate to total costs).

Our information sheets outline our approach to meeting the Products & Services Outcome and Price & Value Outcome under the Consumer Duty. This information is intended for intermediary use only and should not be provided to customers.