Our Affordability Calculator allows you to work out how much your client can afford to borrow before submitting a Decision in Principle.

Launch the Affordability Calculator

Where the borrower is within 10 years of their retirement, please use their projected pension income (including State Pension) or earned income, whichever is the lower.

You must use the calculator on every case before submitting a DIP. If you experience any difficulties, please contact your BDM or call the Broker Help Line on 0345 600 1469.

An assessment of income and expenditure is the underwriting measure used in establishing the maximum that can be borrowed.

The initial underwrite of the mortgage application will be carried out using the Affordability Calculator.

For any incomes listed where 50% is used, input the full amount under non-guaranteed other and the calculator will automatically take off 50%.

The calculator will automatically apply deductions to gross income based on tax bands and National Insurance to calculate the net income

Please check that the mortgage application fits within the Society's LTV ratios.


For details of what income we accept and how this is assessed please refer to our A-Z Criteria Guide.


All personal expenditure, including all loans and credit cards shown within the credit search, must be deducted as outgoings.

For a Decision in Principle we must have authority to carry out a credit search and the income and expenditure needs to be clearly completed in order to establish the true free net disposable income.

With regard to credit cards, where balances are to remain after completion, the full outstanding balance must be included as an expenditure item.

Responsible Lending and affordability

  • All applications are subject to affordability checks.
  • Key considerations will be the applicant's overall conduct of their bank account and credit reference checks. If these do not demonstrate that the mortgage is affordable, even if the Affordability Calculator suggests we might consider the loan, the application may be declined.
  • Any figures used in applications must be validated by supporting documentation.