Our online portal is for customers who have opted to use the Skipton Remortgage Conveyancing Service. This secure service lets users track the conveyancing part of their remortgage journey.

  • The portal makes the whole conveyancing process easier.
  • Customers can track the conveyancing progress of their case at their convenience.
  • If there are any delays, the customer can find out why and what they can do to keep the process moving.
  • The service also makes submitting documents quick and easy. The only document they'll need to send in the post is the original Mortgage Deed.

Who is not eligible?

Due to their complexity the following remortgage scenarios are not eligible for the Remortgage Conveyancing Service:

  • Lease extensions
  • Current mortgage is compliant with Sharia law
  • Unregistered properties
  • Help To Buy where the charge is to remain outstanding
  • Personal Charge in place or one to be added
  • Involvement of a trust
  • Property being inherited

What the customer needs to do next

If your clients wish to use this portal, they will need to provide a valid email address. Once the conveyancer has accepted the case, the customer will then receive an email inviting them to opt in for the portal, this email will not come from Skipton.co.uk and may fall into the customers Junk or Spam folder, so please ask your clients to check these.

Once they sign up to the portal, they'll get email alerts prompting them to take key steps and upload documents to send to the conveyancer. If they don't wish to use the portal, the conveyancer will send the initial pack by post.

For more information on the online customer portal and how it works, take a look at our handy FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mortgage adviser have access to the online portal?

No, only the customer will be invited and be able to register to use the portal.

How do customers register for the portal?

When Skipton Building Society receives a remortgage application with a valid email address, as soon as the allocated panel firm accepts the case, an email will automatically be sent to the customer inviting them to access the online portal.

What if customers don’t want to use the portal?

We would encourage customers to use the portal as this can help speed up the process. This is due to them being able to immediately fill in the required paperwork to enable the conveyancer to start their work. However, if the customer does not provide a valid email address then they will not be automatically invited to join the portal and the conveyancer will issue an initial pack by post. If the customer has provided an email address but doesn’t want to use the portal they will need to contact the conveyancer directly to inform them. They will need to check their offer to find out who their conveyancer is.

How will a customer know an email invitation has been sent?

If the customer has opted to use our Skipton Remortgage Conveyancing Service and supplied a valid email address on the remortgage application, they will automatically get an email to invite them to use the online portal.

What happens if the customer hasn’t received the email?

The email may have been delivered to their Junk Inbox. If the customer doesn’t receive the email invite, they will need to check their offer to find out who their conveyancer is and contact them, confirm their email address and request for the email invitation to be re-sent.

What documents will the customer see when they first register?

They will see the introductory letter and the initial documents that have been published. In addition, they will have access to the online interactive remortgage questionnaire.

What happens if the customer cannot see the introductory letter or forms?

The letter and forms are automatically published on the portal as soon as the conveyancer has accepted the case. Customers should be able to view the introductory letter, online remortgage questionnaire and other forms as soon as they register for the online service. If the customer experiences any issues with the portal they can check their offer to find out who their conveyancer is and contact them directly.

What happens if a customer changes their mind after they have registered and doesn’t want to use the portal?

The customer needs to contact the conveyancer to let them know and to ask for their questionnaire etc. to be sent by post. They can at any point ask to re-join as all the conveyancing work will still be done in the portal, so the information will be held there.

What if the customer forgets their password or login details?

There is a forgotten password process which allows customers to reset their password on the login page.

Can the customer send the conveyancer other ad hoc documents via the portal?

Yes, the portal is ideal for sending extra documents needed from the customer. They can take a picture with their phone or scan and upload it to the portal. The only document which they’ll need to send in the post is the signed mortgage deed.

What milestones will the customer see?

The customer will see each key milestone of the remortgage conveyancing process. If the conveyancer sets a delay reason against one of the milestones, this will appear for the customer to see.